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Expand your learning and professional development via accreditation through The Certification Academy. We educate, support and champion freelancers to excel as industry leaders. By entering the world of accreditation –
you’re establishing a successful path to be ranked as a top-recognised professional, forming a rewarding business under your complete control and creating a fulfilling lifestyle you love, marked by freedom and balance.

“Those who hold professional certification
earn 35.2% more than those without certification.”

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How being accredited will benefit you

Enhanced Credibility:

It serves as a mark of credibility, demonstrating to clients that you possess a globally recognised level of expertise and professionalism.

Competitive Advantage:

It sets you apart from others in your industry, making you a more attractive choice for clients.

Skill Validation:

It sets you apart from others in your industry, making you a more attractive choice for clients.

Career Advancement:

It can open doors to career/business advancement helping you reach your professional goals.

Personal Growth:

Gaining accreditation with us involves personal growth, mindset and development work, enhancing your overall skill set, knowledge and resilience in growing your business.

Industry Recognition:

CPD is globally recognised and respected making you part of a prestigious community of top-ranking professionals.

Increased Earning

It can lead to higher earning potential as clients recognise your expert status and are willing to pay more for it.

Network Expansion:

Gain access to exclusive networks and communities expanding your opportunity for support, collaboration and ongoing learning.